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Follow-up to the Huck Finn Post

Extremely observant (and dedicated) readers may have noticed that I've changed the wording of the first paragraph of my Huck Finn/religion post. I did so because Mr. Tammeus correctly pointed out to me, in email, that the Providence Journal's money didn't go out of state to him because the column was picked up through a news service. Late as it was, I didn't think to include my perspective as context: with column inches being a finite territory, that same space could have been filled with something from an in-state writer, who would both have been paid and have received a small career boost, even if only in confidence.

I also wanted to note that, poking around in my copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I spotted quite a few instances that would support an argument that a central theme of the book is that religion — even twisted religion — is not a "motivator" of evil, but an obstacle that must by overwhelmed to justify evil that grows from other motivating factors. Of course, in college, we were encouraged to see the novel only in terms of race, but I would truly love to perform a complete exegesis of the religious themes... if I had the academic's leisure.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:57 AM EST