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In news related to my post about those who would plunge us headlong into a nightmare, Wesley Smith writes:

All three misanthropic ideologies — animal rights, "personhood" bioethics, and transhumanism — threaten universal human equality. Unfortunately, they have also arrived at a moment when traditional cultural norms concerning the sanctity of human life have been significantly undermined. And the future won't wait for us to regain our moral equilibrium. Genetic science is advancing at mach-speed.

In my opinion, it is way past time for the general population to draw some stark lines and tell these mad scientists, "No, you may not teach at our elite universities. No, you may not work in expensive labs." This may be the price of societal affluence: many idle people are finding it way too easy simply to survive, freeing up all sorts of time for them to lose their minds in theories and technical possibilities.

Let these idiots attempt their assaults on our very reality in basement labs, in which they fiddle after their long nights working at the 7-11 to put food on the table.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 09:54 AM EST